Electrochemical Testing

Sample holder


Custom-built button cell sample holder

For circular cells 24-29 mm diameter, 0.3-1.6mm thickness typical

Base is heated to approx. 140°C for up to 100% steam or other condensate prone gas streams

Fluoroelastomer seals safe for H2, H2O, CH4, C2H6, CO2, CO, Air, alcohols, and more

Internal ceramic construction made from aluminum oxide

Gold or platinum wire mesh typical electrical contact, adjustable electrical contact force

Uses high temperature gaskets for fast disassembly/installation of cell

Cell temperature monitored using thermocouple positioned 2-4mm from bottom center of cell





Carbolite VST 12/200

Vertical split tube furnace

Maximum temperature 1200 °C

Custom-built stand



Material Mates

Gas mixing systems


Custom-built gas mixing system

Up to 7 fuel side gases, 3 air side gases

Horiba Z500 mass flow controllers, 1-3000 sccm full scale

Fuel side fed dry, bubble humidified (3 vol%), or forced humidification (3-100 vol%)



Arbin Instruments

Mass flow controllers (Air, N2, H2, CH4) 100-1000 sccm full scale

Dew point humidifier

Controlled with MITS Pro software package

Potentiostat & Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA)


Solartron Analytical 1470E & 1260A FRA


Solartron 1470E & 1455 FRA

8 potentiostat channels, 6 FRA channels

Scribner Multistat®, CView®, ZPlot®,  ZView® software


Solartron Analytical Booster 50V/25A

Maximum 50V & 25A

Interfaces with 1470E, sinking only


TDI Power RBL232-50-150-800

Maximum 50V, 150A, 800W

Sinking only