Dr. Olivera Kesler

Dr. Olivera Kesler is the director of the Fuel Cell Materials and Manufacturing Lab at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto.


The goal of the research work in our lab is to enhance environmental sustainability by developing cleaner energy conversion technologies that reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions compared to combustion-based power generation methods.

Research projects are conceived with the goal of tackling the largest challenges preventing the widespread use of fuel cell technologies – cost, durability, and reliability. The ultimate objective of the work is to facilitate the widest and fastest possible adoption of cleaner energy conversion technologies in order to maximize their environmental benefit.

Research Interests

  • Solid oxide cells
  • Fuel cell materials and manufacturing
  • Graded and multi-layered materials
  • Plasma spraying and sol gel processing
  • Green methane and hydrogen production


  • MIE 517HS Fuel Cell Systems
  • MIE 1128H Materials for Clean Energy Technologies


kesler AT mie DOT utoronto DOT ca